The Patchwork Parent

Megan Cordaro, MSW, Parent Coach

 I am patching together ideals, reality, experiences, determination, tears, and laughter to craft a perfectly imperfect calm and loving childhood for my children.

I want to help you do the same. 

"A protected childhood allows for the slow development of identity, well-being, and resiliency."

-Kim John Payne


About Me


I'm Megan.

I see childhood as something precious and worth protecting. Our children need to be free to develop at their own pace while maintaining and celebrating their sense of worth, their initiative, and unique characteristics. Childhood is something to be enjoyed, not simply be managed through. 

My Story

My parenting journey really began prior to having kids, as my interests and education have always revolved around people: human development, behavior, family and community systems, and how people are situated within their world. I received a Bachelor's in Psychology from UCLA. I then continued at UCLA to receive my Masters of Social Work, specializing in Child Welfare. 


After my first children arrived, twin girls, my heart knew my education and passion would be best utilized at home, raising my children. Five kiddos and 14 years at home has provided me with innumerable and priceless lessons. In 2011, I was trained and certified by Kim John Payne and Davina Muse from the Simplicity Parenting Institute as a Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach; and then later, a Simplicity Parenting Discipline and Guidance Coach, as well. Along the way, I have continued to feed my brain and soul with books of all kinds that have shaped my perspective. Knowing how best to meet my children's needs and refining my role as their Mama is a never-ending process; a process which continues to be patched and added to with colorful swatches of my experiences, inevitable failures, and growth. I have seen the power that forging a deep connection with your child can have and I want to help you do the same. 

Maintaining my sense of self has been integral to being able to be the Mother I strive to be. My hobbies include reading, crocheting, knitting, brewing my own Kombucha, and playing board games with my kids. 

Photo by Matt Randazzo

Patchwork Ponderings


One-One Support

Sometimes you just need to talk through an issue. Let's arrange a time to talk (phone, FaceTime) and I can help you sort out what's going on and possible steps I can help you take to feel comfortable moving forward. Request a complimentary 30 min session so we can get to know each other.  

Fire Family Group

Join fellow fire families to explore how to bring intention to our unique lifestyle to establish more rhythm and connection in our lives. 

Speaking Engagements

I would love to come and speak with your group on a topic that is pertinent to your needs. Connect with me and we'll talk about what you're looking for. 

Disclaimer: Please note that my services as a parent coach are not to be used in place of professional counseling services.  I am not acting in the capacity of a professional Therapist. 



I've been attending sessions with Megan for a couple of years now and I always come away from our conversations feeling less frustrated and more lighthearted. She's concise, so kind, and extremely understanding. Megan's approach to parenting is gentle, yet holds healthy loving boundaries. With each session, I find myself closer to achieving a balance with my daughters that I struggle to achieve but that our family yearns to have. I have always come away having felt fully heard, less conflicted, and with a few achievable solutions. I'd recommend Megan in a heartbeat to anyone looking for guidance in their parenting journey. 

Jessica Smith