One on One Support Options

Discovery Session

Let's set up a time to chat.  

 Tell me more about you and what support you are looking for.

Then we can discuss what options would work for moving forward. 

30 min


Focused Session

If you have a specific issue you'd like to work through, this is your option. We'll connect for an hour to identify the issue, explore possible solutions, and then come up with a plan for moving forward. Then we'll pick a time for a 30 minute follow-up to see how things are working and how I can support you moving forward. I will be available to you via text for short communications in-between sessions. 

1 hr 30 min total

If you have multiple things or a more complex issue that you'd like to tackle, this is what you need. Over four one-hour sessions, we will work to identify your needs, come up with a plan, and then I will aid you as we work to implement the plan and make necessary changes. The timing in between sessions can vary, but I will be available via text messages for short communications and support during our work. 

4 hours total

Muti-Session Package

Disclaimer: Please note that my services as a parent coach are not to be used in place of professional counseling services.  I am not acting in the capacity of a professional Therapist.