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Happy Valentines Day, friends. You are all DINO-MITE 🦖🦕 and I appreciate you sharing this space with me.


Here’s a great idea for valentines for your kiddos to give away. I try to stay away from character or commercial valentines because I get really irritated when everything becomes about TV. Just me?? And my son definitely didn’t want anything too cutesy or potentially more meaningful, which I can totally relate to because I remember feeling that way, too. I also like giving something that isn’t candy that lends itself to creative can play with. It is plastic, but not everything has to check all the boxes all the time. So I saw this idea on Pinterest and designed my own because he wanted it simple and only wanted this phrase.


Dinos were purchased in an 8 pack at the Dollar Tree. I cut the Valentines out and then poked two holes in the center space to tie the dino on with some twine. Some washiest tape would look cute, too. I also had my son write "From, " and his name on the bottom. The school requested that we not put individual names on them as it makes the handing out process a bit more complicated. Easier for us, too, so no problem there.

Head over to the Free Printable section on the website to print it off! If you use it post some pics and tag me! @thepatchworkparent!

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