One On One Support

Sometimes you just need to talk through an issue. Let's arrange a time to talk (phone, FaceTime) and I can help you sort out what's going on and possible steps I can help you take to feel comfortable moving forward. Check out the different support options by clicking the button below.

Free Screen Detox

I invite you to join me in getting more intentional about how you/your children use screens. If it's getting in the way of your connections, email me to recieve a free copy of my Guidebook: "Shining a light on screen use to allow more space for connection."

Simplicity Parenting Groups

We live in a culture of too much, too fast, and too soon. But that doesn't mean our home life has to mirror this. I have been trained and Certified in programs developed and taught by Kim John Payne and Davina Muse of The Simplicity Parenting Institute. We will meet as a group to explore how to incorporate the concepts more rhythm, more calm, and more intention  into our lives. 

New Year Session

In parenting, just like anything else, we need to start like we mean to go on.  As we enter the New Year, consider the adult you want to raise: do you have a rhythm or tone you'd like to establish for them? A vision of the type of relationship you want with your children as they get older, but you don't know how to plant the seeds now? 

We'll discuss your vision and I will help you design steps you can begin now to help bring your vision to fruition later. 

The cost includes an hour and half brainstorm session, followed by two short follow-up calls to evaluate the steps and their implementation. 

Speaking Engagements

I would love to come and speak with your group on a topic that is pertinent to your needs. Connect with me and we'll talk about what you're looking for. 

Kombucha Brewing Workshop

Brewing your own Kombucha is fun and will save you money! I will send or bring you a SCOBY and then we'll have a group Zoom call where I will teach you how to brew your first batch of Kombucha. Follow the link below for more information, how to reserve your spot, and to see a list of the supplies you need. There will be a maximum of 6 participants and it will be first come first serve.



Next Workshop: May 2, 2020

2:00 PM


Cost: $20

Let's get to this kind of joy.